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The world of ceramics is mushrooming with every rising dawn and one of its dark horse is Multistone. The focus of our company is specifically centred to serving tiling solutions of variant sizes having ace class quality. This incredible dream is shared by 3 of the business pundits, Mr. Rajesh Likhiya, Mr. Ashwin Adroja and Mr. Mahesh Patel, each of them being expert in different dimensions, has brought all the worth to Multistone. With a latest addition of one more production unit, now the count has rose to 4, yielding a production of 65000 square meters Per Day and indeed this is just a start scratch for achieving higher aims.


Like any other dynasty, Multistone too owes its prosperity to proud management, where 3 intellects work day in day out to deliver potently artistic tiles to our clients in India and abroad.

Mr. Rajesh Likhiya: Director Production

Multistone is able to carve a niche in the ceramic market due to impeccable understanding of production parameters which is woven by Mr. Rajesh Likhiya, a theorist from the Mecca of ceramic industries, Morbi, who had been associated with New Vardhaman Vitrified Tiles Pvt. Ltd. and also Builder for almost 10 years. His skills in regards of understanding the production patterns are always aligned with latest fad and thus we are never lagging behind.

Mr. Ashwin Adroja: Director Finance

A pro of numbers from Rajkot with a working experience of more than 10 years aids the fragmentation of figures, leaving total clarity of calculations. Apart from that, it is his vision that has brought us to a stage whereby we are able to deliver commitments within stipulated boundaries. He has worked for Arise Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. & Angel Pumps with utmost sincerity which has added more feathers in his hat. His amicable tactics have favoured the company’s growth and has also brought affordable plush options for customers.

Mr. Mahesh Patel: Director Marketing

It is no rocket science to understand that, for any business to excel, its reach has to be maximized and the same can be done only with the help of an expert marketing person and we are proud to have a one in our team, Mr. Mahesh Patel who understands markets and responding shifts perfectly and hence designs branding prospects that are fruitful and in correspondence with the client’s needs. This maxim at the end bridges the gap between client’s needs and our services. His work portfolio has got two big names, namely Bajaj tiles Riwasa & Signova Tiles.


Every venture needs a strong foundation and in our business this responsibility is bestowed upon the technology used. Considering this phenomenon, we have brought at aisle the best of the technology that works as a catalyst for us to produce refined products that are eco-friendly too. We use bankable technologies like; Sacmi, Keda and Techno Ferrari. Ardent technologies used help us to submit the products that stand out in terms of quality and finish. Apart from that it also aids to be cost efficient all the times and as a consequence the end users are at benefit. These practices are leading us to a success league since in present time we are able to own a production capacity of 65000 Sq. Mtrs. Per day from 4 production units, expanded over an area of 40 acres.

Vision and Mission:

  • To be the world leader in manufacturing of wall and floor tiles
  • To contribute in improving the life-style all around
  • Keep on improvising our technological parameters and serve duly deserved products
  • Portray products that highlight creativity and top-notch quality
  • Be always user-friendly in all our approaches


We aim to deliver products that are ideal for any dwelling and could uplift the living. The entire working arena of ours circulates on the stringent norm of staying adherent to the set standards and our primary ideology is formulated with an open end psyche of spreading success and joy in all prospects.


  • Be eco-friendly
  • Be customer savvy
  • Be parallel with modern concepts


International market often regards Indian tile produces significant as these are creative as well as robust and here we too have a vital role to play as our overseas market reach is expanded till, Europe, Latin America and African countries.
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